When you are involved in a family matter, the attorney representing you makes all the difference. The lawyers of the Law Office of Philip Skittone, Esq., are the attorneys you want. Not just because of the experience, effectiveness and legal skills they bring. But because of the most important reason. We care. We care about your case. We care about you. Why not call right now, and schedule an appointment? After a consultation, you will know your legal rights. You will also know why they are the best representation you can have for your case.

A family conflict can land you in family court. You are confused, and afraid that you will lose your children. Now is when you need an attorney who knows what you are going through and how to help. A lawyer who will be on your side. Philip Skittone wants to help. Family court will decide where the children live and who may visit them. The judge can make an order of protection or an order that you must pay support. It is something that can change the lives of every member of the family. Forever! Call now, to schedule an appointment.

We want to serve your legal needs. We want to be your Family Lawyer. Got a legal problem involving criminal, personal injury? Call to discuss it. We are here to help.

Monday, June 29, 2015

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